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    Agriculture & Environment

    • Seek comprehensive weather radar coverage for western NSW.
    • Advocate for federal, state and territory governments to tighten laws on foreign purchasing of Australian farm land, water and agribusiness.
    • Support a ban on unconventional gas exploration, extraction and production.


    • Encourage the continuing education of health professionals and the public in the correct usage of antibiotics.
    • Encourage the inclusion of a blood test for thyroid function in the standard blood test for pregnant women in their first trimester.
    • Encourage the promotion of awareness and prevention of Iodine Deficiency Disorders through women’s health programs throughout Australia.
    • Advocate for the establishment and funding of a cardiac bus service to visit regional and remote areas of NSW.
    • Advocate that a unit of O negative blood be available in all country hospitals at all times for emergencies.
    • Advocate for improving the current processes and referral system for aged and frail persons when applying for access to and approval of services.

    Health/Social Security

    • Advocate that funding be made available to a) educate medical practitioners and alert all communities about the identification, treatment and prevention of Q fever, and b) subsidise a further vaccination program and include Q-VAX on the national immunisation schedule.
    • Support rural and remote communities in maintaining access to women’s health services.
    • Recommend that the Australian Medical Association (AMA) adopt and promote the HoloTC test for population-wide screening of vitamin B12.
    • Encourage debate and further research into hyperthermia/oncothermia as a possible fourth standard cancer treatment.


    • Request a review of 40 km school zones to monitor/assess the necessity of such zones where there is no pedestrian traffic or there are alternative pedestrian access ways in place.

    • Support, as a basic tenet of modern life, equitable access to internet and telephone services in terms of speed, downloads and cost for all rural and regional citizens, regardless of their geographical location.

    • Support statewide co-ordination of street numbering on all roads and streets across NSW to ensure accurate identification of locations for emergency services when responding to incidents.


    • Advocate for a more efficient postal delivery service from Australia Post.
    • Advocate for the following:
      - All Grandparents raising Grandchildren to be acknowledged and recognised as a separate group in their own right and not as foster carers or a sub group of foster carers.
      - Acknowledge and recognise Grandparents raising Grandchildren as family.
      - Acknowledge and recognise Grandchildren in The Out of Home Care System as family members and not foster children.
      - Acknowledge and recognise Grandparents raising Grandchildren as family in the assessment process and the ongoing care and cultural needs of those Grandchildren.
    • Advocate for a ban on the advertising and promotion of gambling between 6.00 am and 9.00 pm on free to air TV.
    • Advocate for the advertising of online gambling be regulated.
    • Advocate that online gambling services be subject to the same regulatory requirements as gambling venues (hotels, clubs and casinos).
    • Request an urgent review into past and current serving and future Politician’s Pension Plan in order to enforce the same rules and regulations to their access and entitlements as that of the Australian general public.
    • Vigorously campaign for an equitable share of government funding for Regional, Rural & Remote NSW.

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