Narrabri gas project decision ‘a significant concern’ for CWA of NSW

The Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW is “totally disillusioned” with state planning processes after the NSW Independent Planning Commission’s approval of the Santos Narrabri Gas Project today.

CWA of NSW CEO Danica Leys says it beggars belief how a project requiring 134 strict conditions can even proceed to approval. 

“If a project needs this many conditions, it’s an indication that they need to go back to the drawing board. It doesn’t stack up,” she said.

“We’re concerned that compliance on conditions is severely lacking in any case. We’ve seen it in the past with mining and other extractive projects. These companies get the green light and off they go, there’s no looping back to ensure all of these conditions are upheld into the future. Rural communities once again are left with the impacts. 

“We’re pleased to see some requirements in the IPC report relating to waste management and salt reuse or disposal. This is a significant concern and we’ll be keeping a close eye on where Santos proceed in this regard. However, other impacts such as groundwater and impacts on farming activities, remain as significant concerns. 

“We believe that the insurance issue is also yet to be adequately addressed. The Chief Scientist has directed the NSW Government to fix it, the Upper House inquiry said fix it before any gas projects can proceed. It hasn’t been addressed and yet here we are.  

“We know the economic impacts have been inflated, we know there are still no proper assurances on the environmental impacts. With such significant community objection and now an approval with a huge number of conditions, our members are increasingly disillusioned with the whole process.”


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