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The State Handicraft Committee runs their annual competition to showcase the best work in a range of categories. The Committee also runs classes thorought the year which are open to members and non members. Information can be found in the journal.

State Handicraft Exhibition Schedule

State Handicraft Exhibition—General Competition Rules 17/18.

State judging at State Conference 2018. Check with your branch for branch and group judging dates.

All entries must reach the State Handicraft Committee at level 2, 244 Coward St Mascot, by 31 March. ONLY OFFICIAL entry forms must accompany the articles and are to be filled in clearly as articles are separated when judging takes place. It helps the Committee when making out place cards. ALL articles being sent for State Judging must be labelled with a STATE LABEL and must only have the folded tag showing the person’s NAME, BRANCH and GROUP (in BLACK) on the INSIDE of the tag and the SECTION ENTERED (in BLACK) on the FRONT of the tag . All labels and strands MUST be attached to ALL knitting and crochet.

Each finished article must have been completed within (2) TWO YEARS of the current State Exhibition. Soiled work WILL NOT be accepted. Finish is important.

Each exhibit must be the work of the Exhibitor. Work which has been exhibited in any Section at a previous State Exhibition is NOT eligible again.

MAXIMUM SIZE of any FRAMED WORK must not exceed 50 cm x 40 cm including frame and must be in a PADDED FABRIC BAG with Name, Branch and Group attached.

MAXIMUM SIZE for QUILTS is 200cm x 200cm.

MAXIMUM DIMENSION of Dolls, Toys and Bears must not exceed 51 cm.

Handicraft Officers are advised that articles are insured from when selected at Group Judging until returned to their owner after Conference.

Group Competition

Each Group to enter eight different techniques (if possible) for Section 1 which MUST include at least 1 garment article of knitting/crochet in PURE WOOL (sheep) but not more than 2.

Each exhibitor in the Group Competition must be a financial member of CWA.

Prizes are as follows:

1st—Highest Point Score—$100, 2nd—Highest Point Score—$60, 3rd—Highest Point Score—$40, Champion piece of work—$50.

10 Special Prizes of $30 will be awarded to the 10 most outstanding different crafts from Section 1.

Section 1

Eight articles to be selected from the following if possible:

Embroidery—Any Technique

Knitting and Crochet (not pure wool)


Any other crafts. (Not Pottery or Scrapbooking)

MUST be at least 1 garment/article of pure wool (sheep) in knitting or crochet but not more than 2.

Open Section

All prizes in Sections A, B, C, E & F donated by the Handicraft Committee

Sections B1, B2 and B3—These sections are open to all Juniors, both male and female, residing in NSW.

Age must accompany the article. Age as at 1st May.

Section A: Garment or article of any craft made by a Member 80 years of age or over. Prizes 1st—$30, 2nd —$20, 3rd—$10.

Section B1: Commercial quilting and any article of craft made by a junior 8 years and under. Prizes: 1st—$20, 2nd—$10, 3rd—$5.

Section B2: Commercial quilting and any article of craft made by a junior 9 to 12 years of age. Prizes 1st—$20, 2nd—$10, 3rd—$5.

Section B3: Commercial quilting and any article of craft made by a junior 13 to 18 years of age. Prizes 1st—$20, 2nd—$10, 3rd—$5.

Section C: Branch Project—To encourage members’ participation at Branch level. Christmas Decorations with Australian Theme using Australian Flora and Fauna. To be made by 4 (four) different members. Prizes 1st—$30. 2nd—$20. 3rd—$10.

Section E : Article of any craft made by a male relative of a CWA Member. Max. size 30 cm x 30cm. Prizes 1st—$30, 2nd—$20, 3rd—$10.

Section F: Quilt. COMMERCIALLY QUILTED. Maximum size 200 cm x 200 cm. Prizes 1st—$30, 2nd—$20, 3rd—$10. Prizes donated by Handicraft Committee.

The Land Section

First and Second prizes will be awarded in each section by The Land Newspaper.

Prizes 1st—$30, 2nd—$15. Champion piece of work $50.

The Competition is open to all residents of NSW.

All articles using Natural Fibres must have 70% Natural Fibre content unless otherwise stated. (Labels and/or strands MUST be attached)

1. Knee or Cot Rug using Commercial Natural Fibres—Crochet max 150 cm x 150 cm

2. Knee or Cot Rug or Cot Quilt. A: knitted. B: sewn. NOT weaving. Using Commercial Natural Fibres. Maximum size 150cm x 150cm.

3. Hand woven garment or article from Natural Fibres.

4. Hand knitted Socks from Natural Fibres.

5. Hand knitted or Hand crochet Child’s Garment from Commercial Natural Fibres. (NOT baby wear)

6. Hand knitted garment or article (NOT socks) from Commercial natural fibres. 5 ply or finer. (not baby wear & not socks)

7. Hand knitted garment or article (NOT socks) from Commercial Natural Fibres 6 ply or thicker. (not baby wear & not socks)

8. Embroidered knitted garment or article from Commercial Natural Fibres

9. Hand Knitted garment or article from Hand Spun Natural Fibres

10. Machine knitted garment or article from Natural Fibres

11. Hand crochet garment or article from Commercial Natural Fibres (not baby wear)

12. Hand Crochet or Tatting. Garment or article from Mercerized Cotton

13. Hand crochet garment or article from Hand Spun Natural Fibre.

14. Hand knitted Baby Outfit—2 pieces— Pure Sheep’s Wool (one piece must be a garment)

15. Hand crochet Baby Outfit—2 pieces—Pure Sheep’s Wool (one piece must be a garment)

16. Dressmaking—Garment made from Mixed Fibres

17. Dressmaking—Garment made from Natural Fibres

18. Creative article—must include your own design and thread samples—max. size 50cm.

Download a printable PDF of the Schedule below

Handicraft Schedule

Download a PDF of the Group Entry form for 17/18 below (H 4-3-715 and H 4-4-717).

Group Entry Form



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