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    Agriculture & Environment

    • Support positive action on climate change by calling for and supporting the implementation of a plan for transforming regions, communities and workers from fossil fuel extraction, processing and burning sectors to new, inclusive and sustainable economies.
    • Advocate for research, development and investment into renewable energy in rural Australia as a way of adapting and reducing the risk of climate change in rural areas while scoping and establishing, additional, yet sustainable, productive industries for rural populations.


    • Advocate that the government directs the Board of Studies Teaching Educational Standards (BOSTES) to use Teacher fees to ensure that professional development opportunities are made equally available to those at regional centres with no additional monetary disadvantage due to location; and that BOSTES investigate other methods of delivering professional development opportunities.
    • Ensure that adequate funding be available for community based not for profit early childhood learning centres in rural and remote areas where population levels will always struggle to comply with the numbers based funding criteria.

    Health/Social Security

    • Advocate that funding be made available to a) educate medical practitioners and alert all communities about the identification, treatment and prevention of Q fever, and b) subsidise a further vaccination program and include Q-VAX on the national immunisation schedule.
    • Support rural and remote communities in maintaining access to women’s health services.
    • Recommend that the Australian Medical Association (AMA) adopt and promote the HoloTC test for population-wide screening of vitamin B12.
    • Encourage debate and further research into hyperthermia/oncothermia as a possible fourth standard cancer treatment.


    • Advocate for the implementation of a system of notification regarding the length of road works.


    • That desecration or abuse of the Australian flag be made a criminal offence.
    • Support the need to have a Transitional Support Stream-Transitional Case Worker Project for aboriginal women in gaols and to provide funding for ongoing support services.
    • Support the removal of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from feminine hygiene products.
    • Bring to the attention of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales, the need for introducing a protest exclusion zone around Women’s Medical Centres in NSW.
    • All advertisements for Fast Cash Loans be removed from all media.
    • Urgently support Federal and State Ministers in their endeavours to reduce rural crime by reviewing legislation which would enhance the ability to apprehend and sentence offenders.

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