The Executive Committee consists of:

  • State President 
  • State Honorary Secretary
  • State Honorary Treasurer
  • Vice Presidents (2)
  • State Agricultural & Environmental Officer
  • State International Officer
  • State Social Issues Officer
  • Immediate Past President (if any) who shall hold office for twelve months after she ceases to be State President
  • 1 member from each Group (State Executive Committee member).

The Association's general business is under the management and superintendence of the Executive Committee, subject to, and in accordance with Section 6 of the Country Women's Association of New South Wales Incorporation Act 1931 and all current Regulations and Rules for the Association.

The Executive Committee meets four times a year.  Currently February, May (pre-Conference location), July and November at the CWA State Office in Mascot, Sydney. Please have requests and reports to be considered at the Executive meeting to State Office by dates shown below and send to [email protected] A brief discussion paper must be included with each request.

2020 Executive Meeting dates

16 – 18 November 2020
Requests and reports due by Monday 2 November 2020

2021 Executive Meeting dates

15 – 17 February 2021
Requests and reports due by Monday, 1 February 2021

2 May 2021
Requests will not be considered for this meeting

19 – 21 July 2021
Requests and reports due by Monday, 5 July 2021

15 – 17 November 2021
Requests and reports due by Monday, 1 November 2021