The Executive Committee consists of:

  • State President 
  • State Honorary Secretary
  • State Honorary Treasurer
  • Vice Presidents (2)
  • State Agricultural & Environmental Officer
  • State International Officer
  • State Social Issues Officer
  • Immediate Past President (if any) who shall hold office for twelve months after she ceases to be State President
  • 1 member from each Group (State Executive Committee member).

The Association's general business is under the management and superintendence of the Executive Committee, subject to, and in accordance with Section 6 of the Country Women's Association of New South Wales Incorporation Act 1931 and all current Regulations and Rules for the Association.

The Executive Committee meets four times a year.  Currently February, May (pre-Conference location), July and November. Please have requests and reports to be considered at the Executive meeting to State Office by two weeks before each meeting.  A brief discussion paper must be included with each request.