Current Issues list

Agricultural & Environmental

  • Advocate for the state government to mandate a state-wide pet cat curfew and power to all NSW Councils to enforce containment; and enforced desexing of pet cats across NSW.
  • Advocate for all electricity supply authorities in NSW and ACT to provide, free of charge for supply and installation, highly visible and reflective safety devices around above-ground poles and struts where agricultural machinery is used.
  • Advocate for strengthened legislation to protect koala habitat.
  • Advocate for ongoing resources to underpin the implementation of the various state and territory Regional Strategic Weed Management Plans.


  • Advocate that the Australian Government increase funding to support the expansion and offerings of the Regional University Centre (RUC) network and the ongoing operations of current RUC’s and network across Regional, Rural and Remote NSW.
  • Support the federal government’s ban on the importation of non-pharmaceutical vaping products and the ongoing implementation of health education and awareness programs on the dangers of vaping across NSW and ACT schools.

Health & Social Security

  • Advocate for increased funding for research into adenomyosis and promote greater community and GP awareness of adenomyosis.
  • Advocate governments to investigate ways to increase accessibility to and reduce the costs of diagnosing and treating adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Advocate for the sponsorship of international nurses to relocate to work in regional and remote areas of NSW and to be supported while they undertake their AHPRA (Australian Health Professionals Registration Authority) registration.
  • Advocate for Shingrix (Shingles vaccination) to be made available to all people aged 70 and over, and immunocompromised adults, through the PBS and National Immunisation Program irrespective of previous Zostavax vaccination. 
  • Advocate for the establishment of a dedicated Palliative Care Unit in all regional hospitals in NSW.
  • Advocate for increased awareness around the diagnosis, treatment, and research into Aspergillosis related diseases.
  • Advocate the Australian Government to adopt the recommendations related to dental and oral care arising from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.
  • Advocate the State and Commonwealth Governments to take coordinated and urgent action to address the national housing crisis facing women.

Transport & Telecommunications

  • Advocate for compulsory basic First Aid training for Learner Drivers.
  • Advocate government/telecommunication providers to prioritise strategies to maintain telecommunication coverage to communities in the event of planned and unplanned outages.


  • Advocate for the cessation of advertising of online betting platforms and mobile phone apps, and the stricter regulation of sporting broadcasts to preclude any form of gambling sponsorship or promotion.
  • Advocate for the NSW Government to rescind its decision to establish waste-to-energy incinerators in NSW, and instead immediately introduce technologies and programs that seek to reduce waste at a national, state and individual level, using methods that minimise greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Advocate for mandatory life sentences for murder of law enforcement officers, and frontline emergency and health workers, and in addition for the NSW Government to review and strengthen its policies and procedures to increase the personal safety of same.
  • Advocate that in the event of flooding or natural disasters, entry and clearing out a building or home must be carried out with permission of the owner or their authorised person.
  • Advocate for the Establishment of a NSW Register of Wills and Enduring Power of Attorney, including dates and location of the Will when registering.