Current Issues list

Agricultural & Environmental

  • Advocate for the use of Australian wool insulation products to be used in development and refurbishment of NSW and ACT Public Building and Housing.
  • Support and advocate for the establishment of the proposed Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Rewilding of Sydney’s Koalas.
  • Lobby Local Land Services of NSW to make available shire stock numbers collected from stock returns to assist all agricultural businesses with their forward planning.
  • Advocate for a just transition from coal and gas, which are in terminal decline, to low carbon-intensive industries.
  • Oppose large-scale solar plants on prime agricultural land to protect food and fibre productivity.
  • Advocate for bamboo products and fibres made using the viscose process to be deemed non-natural and non-environmentally friendly alternatives to plastics or synthetic fibres, and be labelled appropriately.
  • Lobby the NSW Department of Planning - Division of Resources and Geoscience to cease assessing $2 companies as able to satisfy the ‘financial capacity to undertake mineral exploration’ in NSW under the Mining Act 1992.

Health & Social Security

  • Advocate for the placement of prescribed cannabis medication on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
  • Advocate for a review of the organ and tissue donation policies in Australia, with consideration of a soft opt-out policy in preference to an opt-in policy, to assist in increasing the rate of organ and tissue donations for all Australians.
  • Advocate to include Mucopolysaccharidosis in all newborn screen tests.
  • Lobby the NSW Government to make additional funding available for rural and remote Local Health Districts.
  • Lobby for immediate action with regard to the failure of age care service delivery in NSW.
  • Advocate for a single co-ordinated mental health service information and referral resource in towns to provide immediate clarity, connection and assistance as part of the overall measures for suicide prevention in communities.
  • Lobby the NSW Government to provide sufficient face to face acute psychiatric services to all local health areas, especially those in rural and remote locations.
  • Advocate for the Federal Government to introduce a ‘Preterm Parental Leave Payment’ for the duration a preterm baby is in hospital care (up to 13 weeks).
  • Advocate for all children to be eligible for the NSW Active Kids vouchers as this assistance is only currently available to school enrolled children.
  • Lobby the state and federal government to provide additional funding, opportunities and worthwhile incentives to enable more training of psychiatrists to provide acute face to face services in all local health areas, especially in rural and remote

Transport & Telecommunications

  • Advocate for an advertising campaign on the merits of wearing reflective clothing when walking, jogging or riding bicycles and motorbikes on public roads.
  • Lobby the Federal Government for an ongoing customer-focused review of the effectiveness and affordability of all postage services.


  • Monitor and advocate in the instance of, threatened or sudden closure of banking services in rural, regional and remote communities.
  • Take active steps to increase information available to all members, branches and groups to enable them to actively seek and promote opportunities for increased and meaningful understanding of, and engagement with, First Nations people across the state. In doing so, the Association will be guided by the feedback of its Indigenous members, and members of the wider First Nations community.
  • Request the NSW government act urgently and commit immediately to increasing the safety measures in place across all level crossings in NSW, so that wherever possible and practicable, all public level crossings are equipped with warning lights as a minimum safety feature.
  • Advocate for increased safety measures being implemented across the private crossing network in NSW.